In a sense, Trump was right - McCain and others would not have been so "famous" and considered so "heroic" if they had not been shot down and captured - selected by Fate to endure the unimaginable. But for the Grace of God there was I. I'm not so sure I could have endured the many years of captivity and torture that they did, though, and I'm extremely thankful that I never had to try. Those of us lucky enough to have NOT been shot down occasionally discussed the subject, but not one of us was willing to exchange places with a POW. I have great respect for every one them and what they endured.

So, in a literal sense, Trump was right - ya just can't say it like that - well, Trump, who "dodged" such service completely, can't (shouldn't), anyway.


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>Anyone listen to the 31 broadcasts McCain made while at the Hanoi Hilton?
Over North Vietnam radio?

Anyone know that he had charges against him upon his release? Anyone know
he got a Presidential Pardon?

Yeah.. didn't think so.. Might want to look into just what the guy is
really made of. Trump isn't that far off the mark, if you look at the true

Just saying.. Go digging.

On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 2:32 PM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes <> wrote:

 Or, better said, he handles himself?


 > Dan

Some have said that the rockets going off on the carrier was an attempt at fragging aimed at little john. At any rate, he was NOT well liked in his squadron. Probably not on the float.... Anyone know for sure if the rocket that brought mclame down was truly a sam? I don't. I have not researched it.

I don't think Trump is as historically illiterate as his detractors. I have not heard the whole 15 minute interview with trump on Sat. In context, I doubt it was a slam on all veterans, as we have been told, but rather a comment just about mclame.


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