Killed by his platoon in Vietnam.

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> I believe this video clip shows the actual words Trump said. However, even
> this is a "clipped clip" and it seems the news media is failing to post the
> full interview... Personally, I'm feeling manipulated. I'd like them to
> just give the full facts, I'll make my own choices and decisions.
> Regards comment above about rockets on USS Forestall. Here is the info I
> have. McCain was not a great pilot. He holds a record for destruction of
> American aircraft prior to being shot down. He was a "big ego hotdog" [so
> it is said] who practiced a "full flame hot start" that comes from
> deliberately over fueling on engine start to give a burst of fire and flame
> out the tail pipe on ignition. Story is, McCain did that in the fully armed
> fighter stack on the ship. That caused the plane next to and slightly
> behind him to cook off the under wing rockets in an UN-commanded rocket
> launch down the flight deck, which caught the ship on fire and caused the
> greatest loss of life of American sailors since WW2.
> Story continues that McCain [son of Admiral McCain] was "Immediately flown
> off the ship, even before injured and burned crew members].  I was not
> there, so it's only second hand info.. from people who were there, so take
> it as that.
> There was an inquiry. That is documented record, but sealed details. He was
> given a free pass on the incident, and it did not set well with the other
> navy pilots or ship crew. He was re-assigned post incident, which in
> "military speak" says the brass were not that happy with the inquiry
> results, either.
> It was after that incident that he was "conveniently" shot down over North
> Vietnam. Speculation at the time, and remaining, is that it could have been
> "friendly fire". We will never know for sure, Vietnam was happy to hold and
> charge him as a "war criminal" and the Navy pilot [if any] that cooked off
> a rocket up his tailpipe [if that happened] will never talk.
> Post release from North Vietnam, he was charged with aiding and abetting
> the enemy, and those complaints can be found in full with a bit of effort.
> He was given a Presidential Pardon which quashed those charges [again,
> skuttlebutt says Admiral fathers influence saved him from yet another
> embarrassment].


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