The above link may lay out some of the un-resolved McCain issues. As a
party of the other side of the isle, you may find it of interest.

McCain is not a shoe in ever again after the past 2 yrs of failing to
preform for his electorate. He has been effective at disguising the black
cloud that follows him every were.. however, it has caught up with him
again.. Censured by the Republican party in AZ... AND the National
Republican Party as well...

I was the primary care giver for the widow of one of the missing vets in
Vietnam for the past 2 yrs while she died of cancer. One of her last
requests was that I find the true and whole story of what actually happened
to her husband, who was also a service friend of mine. He, and 9 men under
his command all went MIA at the same time.

As you will see from the link above, McCain has done his best to ensure
that will not happen, along with John "I write my own purple hearts" Kerry.

Upon reflection and review of the true facts.. Trump may have been both
brutal and honest.

Mercedes question:
Anyone know where I can buy new headlight surround assemblies for my "new"
82 300 CD Coupe? Also tailights.. and turn lights.. Hopefully not made in


Stealership, fleabay, classic center

Sir, Thank you once again for illuminating the facts. McLame is despicable IMHO, for many reasons, and you have just illuminated more. This coverup is what moved mclame in my mind from nauseating to despicable. He is maybe only one step above Kerry mcHeinz. There is nothing lower than kerry that I can think of.

As I have said before, I don't think trump is historically illiterate. His handler (donald Trump) should tell the candidate to lay out all this and back up his statement made last Sat.


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