True, John, but you are a "real" mechanic and do preventative maintenance
second nature. Many of us aren't and don't unless we are reminded to do so.
Last time the fan belt broke on the 240D it _looked_ fine to me but
apparently was worn.

On 1/31/06, John Berryman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tuesday, January 31, 2006, at 02:20 AM, Brian Chase wrote:
> > Ah. Key info. I often wonder which might be the most vital tools to
> > include in an emergency kit. I'll make belt replacement tools part of
> > my kit.
> >
> > Brian
> > 83 240D
> >
>         Replacing the belts before they're worn out might be a good idea.
> Most
> people carry no tools and wouldn't know how to use them. They get
> around just fine.
>         These cars are so reliable, if maintained properly there should be
> no
> need for tools. Maybe a set of fuel filters, a  philips screwdriver,
> and wrench for the "spin-on". Just in case you get bad fuel in your
> travels.
>         In all my years of driving MB diesels, I have never broken down.
> Not
> bad for a couple of million miles.
> Johnny B.
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