Andrew Strasfogel wrote:
> Just bought a Blendtec 2 hp machine at Costco after seeing a demo.  Price
> was down to $249.
> Can any of you share any good recipes with this powerful juicer/blender? Or 
> with a comparable Vitamix?
> If the Blendtec is used properly one can live forever, I am told.
> _______________________________________

I looked it up on the 'net. Appears to be about the same as my heavy duty 
Kitchen Aid blender. The spec list said: "lifetime coupling-and-blade"; which 
may mean that you can't take the blade off and replace it or sharpen it; you 
have to replace the whole bottom end just like mine. 
However, the blade stays sharp for a long time, and even when it gets dull, 
it's still very usable unless you want to totally liquify something.

As for "living forever", I've been on a mega nutrients diet for 31 years; 55 to 
86; and still have negative lab and xray reports. Annoying aches and pains are 
the main drawback to being a healthy geezer IMO, but still better than the 


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