Filed an FOIA request with FEMA a year ago May to get additional documentation 
on my property relative to flood maps.  Got a confirmation letter within a few 
days afterwards, outlining the statutory requirement for them to respond to me 
within 20 business days.

Fully expecting they would not respond in the time allotted, I let it go, and 
they didn’t.

However, by last December I was wondering what was going on, so I emailed the 
contact they gave me along with all the identifying information from my request.

< crickets >

So, May rolls around and I figure I should rattle their cage again, now that 
it’s been a year, and I do so via email.

< crickets >

So Sunday I took a few minutes and contacted the office of Dennis Ross, our 
Congressional representative.  I got a response on Tuesday asking me to fill 
out a privacy form so they could inquire of FEMA on my behalf.  I haven’t 
returned it to them yet.

Come home today, and there’s a cryptic voice mail “about my case, and we’ll 
email you” on the phone.  Hmm.

Check my email, and whaddya know!  A response from FEMA, apologizing for the 
delay and explaining while they can’t give my request priority, it is now in 
the “pending queue” and should be reviewed and completed within a week.

I replied back, thanking them, and pointing out that had they bothered to 
acknowledge either of my previous efforts to contact them I wouldn’t have had 
to resort to getting my congressman involved….


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