Sorry, I thought you wanted the high protein diet recipes!

if it'll make PB, a lb or 2 of honey roast Pnuts, and lett'er rip

I must say I am disappointed at the lack of MATURITY of this group.

I'm reaching out - a  cry for help.  Sharing my life experiences.  Exposing
my vulnerabilities (not many, I admit).  What do I get?  Nada.

Seriously:  I blended (smoothie setting) frozen
blueberries/strawberries/raspberries, spinach, basil, almond milk, ice,
carrots, and a little agave syrup.  The results were bracing - even tasty.
I also felt energized upon consuming the drink!

Now I am game to do more.  Anybody made carrot or beet juice?  Peanut


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