Rick Knoble wrote:
> ‎Gerry writes:
> >As for "living forever", I've been on a mega nutrients diet for 31 >years; 
> >55 to 86; and still have negative lab and xray reports. 

> Please expound. 
> Rick
I'll send you the info in a few days, Rick.

Anyone else interested in this vitamin/mineral diet and lifestyle, please 
contact me offline and I'll send you the information as well as sending it to 
Rick and a couple of others who have contacted me offline. It might take 
several days since I want to look up and include several references.

Understand: I will only be telling you what I consume and how I live. I'm not 
suggesting you do the same. 

However, if you should choose to try my diet/lifestyle, it's important to first 
take a copy to a doctor and ask him if there is any part that will "hurt you" 
in consideration of any medical issues you might have. (If you ask him if it 
will "help" you, he'll probably say no).  

Vitamin C is more or less the cornerstone of megavitamin therapy. Here is a 
very good list of the pros and cons of taking it:



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