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> Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 14:07:16 -0400
> Subject: [MBZ] OT - UNC-CH integrity & ethics
> From: mercedes@okiebenz.com
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> Re. the unsavory crap (sham, "paper," classes) going on for nearly 20 years 
> at UNC-CH to accommodate athletes, an article in today's Raleigh "News and 
> Observer," discusses two "working groups" (committee's) "looking at UNC 
> integrity and policies."  Co-chair said that they "first want to define 
> integrity."  To save 'em possibly several weeks of haggling, I'm volunteering 
> my definition of it learned on Momma and Daddy's laps and at their knees 
> nearly 80 years ago - put simply, integrity is the ability to do what is 
> right when nobody else is watching.
> Wilton

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