On 23/07/2015 1:58 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
I am so so glad I went to a small state college . . . . I had one design class 
where for a month we worked with crayons. Yeah crayons. You go out and try to 
make a crayon drawing that doesn't look like a crayon drawing and tell me how 
easy it is...
Sounds a bit like some of the things my elder son did in Architecture. The exact wording of the one assignment escapes me but it was to make something out of unconventional materials (or something like that in any event). I came up with the idea for him. He made a coffee cup out of ground coffee. He mixed white glue into ground coffee and formed it around a cup so that it looked as though the whole cup was made of coffee. We made a very simple 3 sided box without a top out of white melamine coated particle board to display it in. It looked pretty cool and smelled good too.

One of the profs left a written comment that it was "oddly beautiful" or something like that. It was appreciated as one of the better entries.

On another project, they were instructed to go and look at some semi abandoned building here in town. They were then supposed to make a model to illustrate some rehab of it. Geoff went and took photos of the building from all sides and photo shopped them and printed the photos and glued them onto white foam board and created a very realistic version of the building. No one else had done such a thing and the profs were all truly amazed. There was a lot of interest in it. Strangely enough, they later decided that they did not want students to do that again. They preferred hand drawn and rendered artwork.

This is the same school that does not teach Autocad even though it is well known that you cannot get a job anywhere unless you are reasonably proficient in Autocad (or the newer version, - Ribbit or something like that). Geoff was quite computer proficient and he taught himself enough to pass the firm's basic test and get hired on as a summer student to begin with and then later as an intern once he got his Master's degree.



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