I went to a regional State college, then transferred to The University of
Oklahoma. I was encouraged to take risks and allowed to fail (and learn
from it) without repercussions. My kids have attended OU, Yale, NYU, and
MTU. None were ever told what to think, nor would they have put up with it
had it happened. I don't know where these stories about universities come

We formed four person "companies" in the  second semester lab class in
organic chemistry. On paper, we "bought" chemicals at the price the school
paid, and were allowed to "sell" our product at the best price we could
find in the supply house catalogs. We could choose to make any organic
chemical we thought we could, and had to figure out how. Our "profit" was
determined by subtracting the cost of the inputs from the weight of the
product we produced, valued at the best price we could find. The grades
were to be based on the profit we made.
My team decided on a cool looking molecule, found a procedure, but the lab
didn't have all the precursors, so we improvised. The goal was a substance
that sold for $800/gram in 1970. We failed miserably, despite several
attempts and variations of the process. My team got one of the two A's due
to the risk we took and the work we put into the process.

I was on the school's fencing team, and we did compete against other
colleges, universities, and other fencing clubs, but we were not funded by
the university - we paid our own way. I lived in Norman, home of OU, 41
years, and never attended an OU football game. We did take our girls to a
few women's basketball games when they were free though . . .

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> I am so so glad I went to a small state college. I read about schools
> indoctrinating students and refusing to listen to other points of view and
> I'm horrified, that was not my experience at all. We were encouraged to
> disagree with our teachers, if you could back up your point they'd
> listen.Part of it, I suspect, is the program of study, in film and video if
> it looks good it is good. Broke a rule but got away with it? Awesome, good
> for you. Break a rule and the finished product sucks? Back to the drawing
> board. The other nice thing was that failure is just a learning experience
> that makes your next project better, nobody is perfect the first time and
> because of that we were encouraged to experiment which then made you better.

OK Don

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