Same here, despite having gone to a very liberal University of Wisconsin in
Madison WI.  There was a very very small portion of the student body and
the faculty who were rabidly liberal and they managed to monopolize the
attention from the national press, local press, and one of the two student

I think a good majority of the "stories" in conservative media about
university "liberal indoctrination" are focusing on the descendants of this
small, angry, very vocal minority.  Reality on most campuses has little to
do with what you read / see in the press.  If you want to find those types
of positions (liberal or whatever) you can, but if you want to join the
college republicans or the objectivists or the libertarians, you can find
those to.  Disciplines like Engineering generally don't have time for
political stuff, but if you take courses on the social sciences side,
expect to find the politics.

Example: I was in the Naval ROTC program for the five years it took me to
get my bachelors, and the hot topic of the time was the DOD policy that
prevented homosexuals from serving in the military.  The day after the
faculty senate voted to "kick ROTC off campus", I had to cross the entire
campus, in uniform, to make a deposit at my bank.  This was probably about
a two mile hike each way. Numerous people, including students and (I'll
bet) faculty, stopped me to say they disagreed, thanked me for my service
(despite that I hadn't served at all yet, but they didn't know that), shook
my hand, and offered encouragement.  Not one person said a negative thing.

Around the same time period, our NROTC Battalion Commander (the Senior
student with the highest GPA was always selected as the leader) put
together a debate team on the homosexuals in the military issue, and
challenged the opposing liberal groups to a debate, public or private,
whatever they preferred.  One of the groups accepted, I couldn't attend,
but needless to say our side did a lot of prep and had their arguments
down, the other side came armed with basically nothing but their feelings,
and so we skunked them.  After the debate was over, some of the opposing
debate team shared that our position made a lot of sense, now that they had
heard the logic behind the policy.  Unfortunately the libs succeeded in
making this a political issue and have finally won in their struggle to
impose their values on our military.  I'm quite glad I'm retired and don't
have to put up with that nonsense, from what I gather our military's morale
is at rather a low point right now.

Charleston SC

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> I don't know where these stories about universities come
> from.

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