So if you recall I broke a head stud on the head gasket job in this Koehler 
lawn mower engine. Got the new stud in and the 2 guide pins that sit around the 
stud in the block. I think last time the head was on cockeyed on the pins 
because they were both bent. Anyway I double and tripled checked to make sore 
head was on them straight and flush with the block. First torque setting is 
something like 16nm, then next stage is 35.5 or 300something inch pounds. First 
one in the 2nd stage snapped. Wtf? Now I got to spend more money getting 
another one. I triple checked the torque wrench. I don't get it. I knew I 
should have ordered more than 1 head stud. What a pain in the rear.

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