Ok Don wonders...:
>  None were ever told what to think, nor would they have put up with it
> had it happened. I don't know where these stories about universities come
> from.

Two cases in point.

One, Hillary Rodham. Her parents were ultra conservative, from a well to do 
Chicago suburb.


Something happened in college.

Two, William Ayres. Also, raised in a well to do Chicago suburb, by 
conservative parents.


After attending my sons orientation for college, I can see how easy it is
to sway young minds, at the peak of their formative years, when they are 
critical thing skills, and their seat of judgement is formed. They really don't 
want the students leaving campus
their first year. No car allowed. Everything they need is provided (for a fee). 
It is basically it's own environment.

To quote a paragraph from Napoleon Hill's 16 Laws of Success

"There are three outstanding powers in the world
of organized effort. They are: The churches, the
schools and the newspapers. Think what might easily
happen if these three great powers and molders of
public opinion should ally themselves together for the
purpose of bringing about any needed change in
human conduct. They could, in a single generation, so
modify the present standard of business ethics, for
example, that it would practically be business suicide
for anyone to try to transact business under any
standard except that of the Golden Rule. Such an
alliance could be made to produce sufficient influence
to change, in a single generation, the business, social
and moral tendencies of the entire civilized world."

Obviously Mr. Hill desired for these institutions to be used for good.
If the antithesis of that were promoted in the institutions of education,
media, and organized religion, quite the opposite effect would be noticed
in a generation or two. 

Sorry for the lengthy off topic diatribe.

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