A woman I work with swears by some sort of peanut butter powder for adding the 
PB flavor to smoothies and the like without the fat.

I can get specific information if you want it.


> On Jul 23, 2015, at 8:56 PM, Mountain Man via Mercedes 
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
> Andrew wrote:
>> I must say I am disappointed at the lack of MATURITY of this group.
> C'mon...
> With the well known cheapskate tenor of this group, you expect value
> in request for high end BlendTec recipes?
> Actually, my son sent us a BlendTec and we use it a couple times each week.
> We buy outdated reduced price veggies and fruits and blend the garbage
> to drink as smoothie.  When blended together with mostly okay fruit,
> the inherent rot and mold blend right out to okay.  Good source of
> fruit and fiber at low cost.  The Costco PB can't be beat for price.
> Dry roast peanuts cannot be found any more.  I used to grind bulk
> purchased DeafSmith nuts for PB when we lived in CO using a hand
> grinder to produce a product not unlike the Kirkland PB.  Even the 50#
> buckets of PB don't compare pricewise with the Kirkland as far as I
> have found.  The Kirkland stuff is from Portales NM.  Tell me I'm not
> a cheapskate.
> mao


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