Hillary! went to Wellesley in the late 60s, liberal wymyn's college outside Bawstun, hotbed of liberal thought and action of the academic hippies of the times. So that got her all energized. Hillary! was "bis sister" at Wellesley to my neighbor (when we lived near Bawstun), we are still friends, she looooooves Hillary! and shares pretty much the same beliefs. She grew up in Auburn, IN, (not far from where I grew up) her family were all conservative (and her grandfather started a motor vehicle company way back when and made "trucks" for hauling big loads and had some involvement in the Auburn/Cord/Deusenberg businesses) but she got corrupted at Wellesley too. I have another good friend whom I met when she was at Wellesley, her dad was a POW of the Germans in WW2 for a coupla years, definitely not a liberal, and neither was my friend at the time I met her but she gradually got corrupted too. Wellesley has gone over the edge with wymyn's political correctness. All the Seven Sisters colleges are pretty much like that. My SIL went to Mt. Holyoke and also got corrupted from the political indoctrination. Just part of the package(s) there.


On 7/23/15 7:43 PM, Rick Knoble via Mercedes wrote:
One, Hillary Rodham. Her parents were ultra conservative, from a well to do 
Chicago suburb.


Something happened in college.


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