On 23/07/2015 4:34 PM, fmiser via Mercedes wrote:
WILTON wrote:

I'm volunteering my definition of it learned on Momma and
Daddy's laps and at their knees nearly 80 years ago - put
simply, integrity is the ability to do what is right when
nobody else is watching.
I would amend that just a bit because the "integrity" does
not strictly include anything about what is "right".  And
since each of us will have a slightly (or not so slight?)
difference of opinion about what is "right".

I think the term is better described as:
When no one is watching, to behave and act the same as when
the boss is watching.

The "boss" could be Mom, the guy who signs your paycheck, the
Commanding Officer, the TV news reporters, the voters, etc.


I think I will stick with Wilton's definition.
Unfortunately, the "boss" could be some low life who expects you to cheat.

Most everyone knows the basic difference between right and wrong and we stick with what we believe to be right and not with what we think we might get away with, then the world will be a better place.



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