I am so so glad I went to a small state college. I read about schools indoctrinating students and refusing to listen to other points of view and I'm horrified, that was not my experience at all. We were encouraged to disagree with our teachers, if you could back up your point they'd listen.Part of it, I suspect, is the program of study, in film and video if it looks good it is good. Broke a rule but got away with it? Awesome, good for you. Break a rule and the finished product sucks? Back to the drawing board. The other nice thing was that failure is just a learning experience that makes your next project better, nobody is perfect the first time and because of that we were encouraged to experiment which then made you better. The kids in more "conventional" fields of study hated us. I had one design class where for a month we worked with crayons. Yeah crayons. You go out and try to make a crayon drawing that doesn't look like a crayon drawing and tell me how easy it is...

Tain't so anymore.


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