I would have an interesting story to tell about the wages of sin at UNC-CH, outside the whole football program, but it would violate my integrity to do so, so I won't.

But in universities, independent simple solutions are not acceptable, the school has to form committees to beat the issue to death and then come up with something that doesn't address the issue because actually doing so might offend someone. Goes double for "integrity" because that is not valued much any more unless it fits some other agenda.


You nailed that!

The other alternative is to make illegal threats to student,staff, faculty who know anything about the illegal/unethical activity,and sweep it under the rug. I'm thinking it is about time to find my box of evidence and start making noise about 20 year old illegal actions. This approach is generally applied by the Univ to illegal activities they DON'T want discussed, because in the official doublespeek, "it never happened"

BTDT.  It ain't pretty!


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