Oh what have I gotten myself into this time?
Fred, Buster and I went down to CT today and picked up a 2005 Golf TDI. It 
looks pretty good although both front fenders have what looks like parking lot 
damage. The interior is good, no real rust underneath, engine starts good and 
sounds good. The weird thing is after I'd backed it up about 5 feet the 
transmission seemed to lock right up. Strangely with it out of gear it rolls 
fine... We farted around with it a few minutes. I even had Tom drive it, he 
couldn't seem to believe it, the look on his face was priceless. He'd moved the 
car around recently and it was fine.So we rolled it up onto the trailer 
(dragged it up the hill with my old '84 190D that I then donated to Tom's 
program for kids) and interestingly when we unloaded it it drove okay. It 
protested and made sounds like a locked up CV joint but it went.
It did act kind of like a locked up CV joint but since the differential didn't 
make the other wheel spin maybe its 2 locked up CVs? That seems unlikely.
Anyway we dragged it to my VW Guru who will have a look at it next week. I got 
it for about triple the standard Kaleb price at which point I think even if the 
car is junk I'll still come out okay...

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