What's wrong with GMO food? Don't make me lump you in with the Global Warming religion nut cases worshipping Gaia...
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As long as you don't group me with wacko the insane!   Its all good.

I don't understand what is wrong with GMO food myself. What I can tell you is that products made from GMO corn turn my insides out. This leads me to be skeptical of beef and pork and chicken and turkey fed GMO grain, and even venison here where most of their diet is gmo corn.

Is it the Bt? could be, it is a poison bred into the plant. Is it something else? Could be. I started having trouble with corn products 30 years, which just about coincides with when the first Bt corn came out. I have no science. Just results of trial and error food elimination.

What I have been able to figure out is that when I was a kid, all our food came from the farm, except sometimes bread. Then we started buying milk in place of milking a Hereford. and so it went until here we are now. Almost nothing is homegrown or farm fresh, or eaten in season.

BTW, had the first helping of homegrown green beans tonight, along with a heritage black cherry tomato. Great real food! Had a nice crop of sugar pea pods this summer so far. Way better than cat poop jelly!

So I am seeking out things to do with exotic grains that Monsanto has not heard of, and new types of those exotic seeds (grains)

IMHO, it is a conservative approach. Conserve. Conservation. It is what we all do with our old MBs. Not a trendy term. The state conservation commissions set up to conserve natural resources, have become DNRs with the mission of dictating who gets to use natural resources. The socialist approach, not a conservation or conservative approach.

Even andrew is a conservative at heart, as are all liberals. He does an excellent job conserving old MBs.

When GMO is only accelerating the plant selection that has been done for eons, I don't have a problem with it. When GMO is grafting in bits of other organisms, we may run into trouble. Such may be the case with Bt grains.

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