I have just installed Windows 7 Home Premium on our Dell Inspiron 600m
(old, outdated, underpowered, etc.) dual-boot with Linux laptop.

I have some questions:

1. How do I run Windows Update?

2. How do I manually run Windows authorization/activation (which must be
   done in the first 30 days)?

   There is a Window feature in the Control Panel called "Windows Process
   Activation Service" with the sub-entries of:
        - .NET Environment
        - Configuration APIs
        - Process Model

   Are these things I should turn on?

3. What are XPS documents?

   I want to be able to print to postscript so I can transfer the
   postscript (with all the fonts) to my Linux system to make new PDFs
   to replace ones which were made on a Windows system without all fonts
   embedded (which are hard to read on Linux). Is that at all related?

4. Installing Windows 7, of course, over-wrote my GRUB boot sector
   information. I have a procedure to fix the boot system of our main
   computer, which is single-boot and has /boot as /dev/sda1:

            1. Boot SystemRescue CD.
            2. Execute "startx"
            3. At a terminal prompt, type, "grub <enter>".
            4. Type, "root (hd0,0)".
            5. Type, "setup (hd0)".
            6. Type, "quit".
            7. Reboot.

   Since the laptop has

        First partition  - Windows 7
        Second partition - another NTFS partition
        Third partition  - /boot,
   should I change line 4 above to: Type, "root (hd0,2)" ?

5. Can I go ahead and install Dell's XP drivers and have things work
   properly? The network is now working properly, so I figure I should
   not install that driver, but the audio is not working.

6. Anything else I should know?




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