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 Broken  shifter cable, leaving tranny in two gears at once?

I was thinking more along the lines of something internal, like shift interlock
or shift fork.
I don't know details on Curt's car, but it's not usually possible to engage two
gears at once
by manipulation of the external linkages on a functional manny tranny, is it?


Yes, a manual trans can be in 2 gears at once and lock up the trans that way. I had a 66 frod bronco 3 spd. The column shift linkage was very crummy; thin pot metal. It would often not get out of 1st when it went into second if you shifted normally. To keep it from jamming, you had to run the shift lever in 3 distinct movements: up toward R, forward across the H; then up into 2nd. I replaced the junk factory shifter with a cheap floor shift from JCWhitney. It was some better, but you still could lock up the trans if you tried to shift fast.

A couple months after I sold it, I heard the kid that bought it had "blown up" the transmission. The kid was a spoiled brat, and he tried to hotrod and got the transmission in 2 gears. The family owned the local scrap yard, so at under 60,000 miles, it was cut up for scrap. This was a very rare one year only U-110 Bronco with factory soft top, door inserts and soft doors.

I've had this happen in 110s too, particularly when the ball socket breaks off on one linkage.

However since Curt's symptoms are one way, and not both forward and back, I don't think it is the trans in 2 gears at once.


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