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> When I must use MSWin, I use PDFCreator to "print" PDF
> files.  I believe it is based on Ghostscript - and although I
> haven't tested it extensively, it seems to embed the fonts.
> GPL licensed.
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/

Thank you for the link, Fred, that sounds like what I need.

> From my experience, Win7 is ornery about booting so I'm
> reluctant to advise "Just try it".  But the "root" command
> looks correct for legacy GRUB.  
> However, I gave up on dual boot a long time ago.  MS Win is
> now always in a virtual machine (VirtualBox most recently).
> So long as there is enough RAM, it works just fine

My Linux installation is complete and I use it as a backup location. I'd
like to get access to it as easily as possible.

> I have an laptop that shipped with WinXP, that I put the
> maximum of 1G RAM and it was quite usable running a OpenBox
> on the host and WinXP on the guest.  Not peppy, but usable.

This laptop also shipped with XP and has 1G RAM. Win7 seems
less peppy than XP, so I don't want to change from a dual boot.



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