Yeah I've been on TDI club since I got my Jetta 2 years ago. So far everybody 
over there is perplexed. I'd asked before with no idea what was wrong. Today I 
posed with the specific problems, thus far no replies to that one.
Fuzzy logic computing on a manual transmission?
      From: David Bruckmann <>
 To: "" <> 
Cc: Curt Raymond <> 
 Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2015 7:49 PM
 Subject: Re: [MBZ] OT: Golf TDI
I assume you looked on for this? You are almost certain to find 
this condition and its resolution described there. 

>From what I remember, the fuzzy logic computing on these transmissions can 
>fail and lead to what you're describing. 

> On Jul 25, 2015, Curt Raymond wrote: 
> When its stuck its stuck in all gears. Then it magically gets unstuck until 
> its stuck again...
> Curt


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