Hi Gang -
After trying everything to get the hood open (thanks for all the great suggestions), I used a die grinder with a thin cutting blade that went through that plastic like butter! Once I had the grill insert cut out I thought I'd give it anohter try and see if we could get it open. I asked my wife to help and while I sat on the hood, she tried to pull the little tab that pops through grill when the release is pulled. It seemed to move s 1/4" or so but it wasn't going farther than that.

So I got down and studied the situation and finally focused on the pull latch that sticks through the grill. It appeared the threads of the bolt that holds the tab on was rubbing against the radiator support bar! Sure enough, I used a screw driver & with almost no force, it came around that round support! Several months ago and many, many hood opening and closings later, I had replaced the little tab that sticks through the grill. I must have put the bolt in backwards and eventually, the threads on the bolt caught on the support and refused to let it go.

I pulled the bolt out and reversed it so it would clear from now on. It was a dumb mistake which cost me around $100 for the replacement grill and insert plus many hours agonizing over how I'd get it open and finally about 3 hours to actually remove and replace the grill.

So it's fixed and at least the replacement grill looks better than my old one.

Just be forewarned -- if you must replace the little tab that extends through the grill, be sure to put the head of the bolt on the passenger side to prevent an interference.

Thanks again for helping me think through this problem -

91 300D

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