I have only one black cherry dermader plant. Bought it at the reiman gardens plant sale. If I don't eat em all, I will try to start some next year. Romas from seed are doing ok. None ripe yet but the Black CHerry. Dermaders have been liking the rain. Most are over 6 feet tall.

Green beans likewise. I have a 2 layer Berlin Wall of green beans over 6 feet tall. they are all vining all over each other and up into the trees where they can reach. I won't be pickin em up thar!

Black Cherry are the first dermaders of the year. I have a volunteer in the raised bad for root crops that looks like it will be some form of cherry dermader. (Pronunciation guide at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtzoUu7w-YM)

Shoot the wabbit and eat Hasenfeffer.  It is a delicacy like escargot.

You need wolf or coyote pee.  spray that around and critters stay away.

Hard to find in DC. Mostly snakes there, of the 2 legged variety: lawyerus humanus

You grow your own black cherry tomatoes from seed?

Incidentally, my litter-composting days are over since I moved.

I now have a cute white-tailed yard bunny that was decapitating my pepper
plants, so I sprayed bitter apple on the tender leaves (same stuff I use on
houseplants to deter the cat from chewing the leaves).   I also tried the
same spray on the fragrant yellow roses, which are irresistible to Japanese
beetles.  Seems to worth in both applications.


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