I few weeks ago dragged a letterpress down to our place on tybee island and 
cleaned it up and printed a few business cards on it. Some kids called me from 
St Augustine Beach and were looking for a press. I told them to come see me on 
Tybee.  They drove up to Tybee and tested the machine out. They wanted it.

So, Friday i loaded the 1000 pound machine on my trailer, filled up with WVO 
and headed for florida. I left tybee about 2.30 pm and ran about 70 mph down 
I-95 in the on and off rain with the AC ice cold. I love that R12. The last 
hour or so was a downpour!  After a couple of stops, i reached St Augustine 
Beach about 7 pm. We unloaded and installed the press and i was paid and  was 
out of there by 9 pm. I grabbed a pizza and left St Augustine about 9.30 pm and 
was back in Savannah by 12.30 pm ….i ran 70 to 75 on the return trip, some rain 
and full AC.

It was a VERY eventful trip of about 195 miles each way according to google. 
The car performed perfectly.


xx rick
Rick Hawkins


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