Here's the deal:

When I got the car, the only thing that didn't work on it was the parking 
brake. You pulled on the release and it just slid right out of the dash. 
Pressing the pedal down applies the parking brake, but it doesn't latch.

I removed the release handle and found that the cable was disconnected. I 
reconnected it, only to now have a release handle that sticks out of the dash 
2"-3", and still doesn't release the parking brake, which also continues not to 

On two occasions I've pulled the knee bolster out to get at the parking brake 
pedal, but it has a plastic cover that goes around it that has to be removed 
before you can get to anything substantive.  After laying on my back under the 
dash and hanging out of the door opening for 30 minutes, I'm done.

Without removing this cover you can't do a thing down there. Now I know why 
this was left unresolved. Even the PO's indie probably didn't want to deal with 

Maybe when the weather cools off I'll take another shot at it.

I'm confused as to why it won't latch, or if it got jury-rigged not to since 
the release cable doesn't work....


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> On Jul 27, 2015, at 5:40 AM, Rick Knoble via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> ‎Dan I'm not OCD, I'm particular Man writes:
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>> I’m just living with it, as much as it >pains me.
> Coming from a guy that changed out a thermistor under a front bumper to get a 
> temp display working, that says a lot. 
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> Rick 
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