Another thing to consider is if the tire is a big box store "rebrand" of a 
tire, like a Michelin or Goodrich.  I never had issues with bad belts in tires 
until I bought brand name tires from a big box retailer.


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> On Jul 27, 2015, at 8:59 AM, Max Dillon via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> Unfortunately I think tire quality can vary significantly between sizes, as 
> well as manufacturer date, so (insert brand name here) tires with the same 
> model name can perform at opposite ends of the quality spectrum, if they are 
> different sizes, made on different days, made by different plants, etc.
> User reviews should be highly discounted as biased to either extreme, in my 
> opinion.
> Another complication: makers stop offering a particular model before you can 
> buy replacement tires, because the first set lasts so long!
> In the end, I think buying tires is like rolling the dice.  I try to pay a 
> low price, but each set needs to be judged on its merits.
> I do agree that Michelin tires tend to have higher quality and last longer, 
> but in my experience they become too slick and noisy long before the tread is 
> worn out, and I value traction above all else, followed by noise.
> -- 
> Max Dillon
> Charleston SC
> '87 300TD
> '95 E300
>> On July 27, 2015 8:28:56 AM EDT, Mitch Haley via Mercedes 
>> <> wrote:
>> After 30k miles the Altimax HP on the Olds are doing fine. 
>> They don't stick like they did 7 years ago though. Back then
>> the car couldn't spin the front tires no matter what. Now it
>> happens any time I give it more than 1/2 throttle from a standing
>> start. 
>> Bought a used Taurus in 2001 with fairly new Continental touring 
>> tires on it. Over the nest few years and 30k miles, all four of
>> them came apart. 
>> When I bought tires for the 210 4Matic wagon, I wanted to get
>> Continental
>> DWS, which were some of the best 'all season' snow tires at Tire Rack.
>> There were enough belt failure reviews on the web that I ended up
>> buying
>> General G-Max instead. No problems to note so far, but I was surprised
>> at how easy it was to kick the tail out the first time I drove it
>> in the snow with the brand new 'all season' Generals on it.
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