It's all about quality control, does some factory in Taiwan have the same quality control systems in place as a genuine supplier to DC? I don't think so and if you end up with the one in a 1000 filter that is faulty you are going to be might annoyed. Also judging a product by just looking at it is not a good way of testing quality. Then again if people are willing to take the risk let them. I am just surprised that Rusty is even thinking about selling mayfit parts from the cheapcopy factory. I recently bought some clear turn signal assemblies for my 123 off ebay and they are cheap copies to say the least but there is a difference between turn signal assemblies and filters.


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Hendrik asked the tough question:

"Question is, are you willing to risk your reputation with these cheap
filters. Just because they look similar does not mean that the quality is
the same. Personally I pay a little extra to get genuine filters.
Also are you willing to guarantee these filters?"

I don't believe Rusty can be duped....
He does this for a living. He's not going to fling out a piece of crap out
there for us.
He certainly can make more money selling us the filters we're used to
buying. Why would he risk invoking our collective ire?

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