Don, I do not know about the 1990 SEL but recently changed mine out in my 1979 240D. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheapest ATF ($1.50 a quart) and used about two quarts to flush it out.

Drained it, put in the cheap stuff ran it a few minutes, drained and repeated until the new stuff in the reservoir was same color as the new stuff out of the ATF bottle. I then drained one more time and put in Mobil 1 ATF, ($7.00 a quart) took about a quart. Replace the filter and away you go. Now I need to do my 300D as it has been almost 80K since last replaced it with Mobil 1 ATF.

Regards Tom Scordato Bellefonte PA
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Subject: [MBZ] Power steering fluid change

I just ordered two liters of Power Steering Fluid and a filter from
Rusty.  My power steering fluid is BROWN (like oil). Who knows how long
it has been in there.  I hope that is enough fluid to change it out.

Donald H. Snook

1990 300SEL 123k

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