> > fmiser wrote
> >
> > I acquired a monster chain-type come-a-long and am
> > currently soaking the chain in a (covered) bucket of ATF
> > and acetone. We'll see...  It took most of a gallon of
> > used ATF to cover the chain.  I put a bit less than 2
> > cups of acetone.  Maybe not enough - but I'm cheap!

> MG wrote:
> If you can get the chain out of the come-along the best way
> to clean it of rust is to put it into a small electric
> cement mixer along with a couple of shovels of sand. Worked
> for me a couple of times now. Soaking it in oil doesn't
> really get any rust off.

The chain on this is a roller drive-type chain.  Think
bicycle or motorcycle - but _big_.  It is only slightly
rusty.  At one end of the chain I use ATF and some movement
and got the chain flexing well.  My objective is to get oil
into the joints so they will move - probably will require
some elbow grease.

I have disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated the drive unit
and the block.  Once the chain is flexing well it should be
fully operational.  I don't know what I'm going to do with
the monster then.

It's a Yale PC series roller chain lever hoist.  The roller
chain is not very flexible side-to-side, but super strong and
long lasting.  Though it's rated for 6000 lb [2700 kg], it
sure looks like it could lift triple that.

The pictures are crummy, but kinda mine looks kinda like this listing.


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