On 28/07/2015 4:40 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes wrote:
My experience with the ATF and Acetone is that they separate out. It was difficult to keep them mixed together.
Is that common or was there some issue with my ingredients?


You probably didn't use the politically correct form of transgender oil. Either that or the transgender who sold you the acetone thought you said acid toning, and gave you some bad stuff. Likely you neglected to CHANGE DER FUSES!

I think I just needed it to be in a container with a lid so that I could shake it. I was soaking something (don't recall what) and had it sitting in a can full of the goop.
Couldn't shake it and stirring did not keep the acetone mixed in for long.

On a big job like the chain refered to earlier, one would maybe want a pail with a tight lid and some device to keep it shook up a bit.



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