> > > Randy wrote:
> > >
> > > My experience with the ATF and Acetone is that they
> > > separate out. It was difficult to keep them mixed
> > > together. Is that common or was there some issue with my
> > > ingredients?

> > Curly wrote:
> >
> > You probably didn't use the politically correct form of
> > transgender oil.

> Randy wrote:
> I was soaking something (don't recall what) and had it
> sitting in a can full of the goop. Couldn't shake it and
> stirring did not keep the acetone mixed in for long.

> On a big job like the chain refered to earlier, one would
> maybe want a pail with a tight lid and some device to keep
> it shook up a bit.

I have it in a 5-gallon bucket with the lid on.  This lid has
a pour spout and I have a piece of tape over the pour vent
hole.  To agitate, I just shake and or rock the whole bucket.

Continuous agitation would probably be good.  Maybe some if I
annoy some trans genders with politically wrong comments
about the fluid I could get them agitated enough they could
agitate the bucket.

Or maybe not...


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