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> Now I just need to how to activate my installation of Win7.

Windows will try to activate over the internet with the key you gave for
install, if it wasn't installed on that machine before.  If the activation
fails, you'll get a message in the system tray, but only after you have
connected to the internet at least once (i.e. your NIC works).  I'm not
sure what happens after the activation timer expires (30 days or whatever
it is now).  You should not have to enable any special services.

If you open properties on "my computer" it will say whether the system is
activated.  I don't think there's a persistent affirmative message.

You might be able to force activation by running Windows Update and
installing the Malware Detection application.  I usually just wait it out.

If you are only offline, I think you will eventually get the same icon in
the system tray, and it will present a dialog box with information on how
you can call in to get an activation key.


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