> Andrew wrote:

 Average car age hits record high of 11.5 years

 The average length of ownership for a new vehicle is now
 almost 6.5 years, and five years for a used vehicle.

Hmm.  I guess I own mine longer than average.  I don't think
anyone who knows me would be surprised.

 Cars and trucks also now have the same average age,

I wonder what definition of "truck" the author is using.
Probably means "pickup" - but who knows.

 people held on to their cars during the recession.

Yeah!  That's why I didn't buy a new S class!   That dang
recession!  Hah!

wah Yes! Is there any other kinda truck other than a peecup? Is a superoo brat a peecup?

Yes, I's assume they mean pickups, as medium trucks tend to live more than 11.5 years. Heavy trucks? Maybe not in this country or yurp. too many changing regulations to keep heavy trucks long.


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