It does not matter where it is made, what matters is that DC is willing to put their logo on it and I would hope, if it proves to be faulty, pay to remedy any damage done by a faulty oil filter.
Wasn't it Gottlieb who said: "The best or nothing"?
I seem to remember that DC is building a factory in China, will they be building cheap and unreliable cars there? Anyway people will buy cheap oil filters and cheap oil because they don't plan on keeping the car that long and when it does wear out prematurely it will be someone elses problem. Of course when you go to buy it off them they will tell you great stories about how they lovingly serviced the vehicle with nothing but the best. For examples of these stories please take a look at ebay:-)


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and what makes you so sure your OE filter is not really made in china or
taiwan.  Good chance it is.

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