There was an article in the WSJ a coupla days ago about gasoline and diesel inventories, and diesel is way high due to it being a "byproduct" of gasoline refining, and gasoline is being refined at a high rate, apparently due to some refineries having recently come on line in the Middle East. (It wasn't clear where all the gasoline was going, or if it was going, or the stuff was just being refined to keep up with the petroleum that is being pumped) The stuff seems to be building up everywhere and coupled with high inventories and weak demand prices are expected to remain quite low for some time. And now the Iranium supplies will be hitting the world market so expect further price declines.


On 7/30/15 9:21 AM, Andrew Strasfogel via Mercedes wrote:
My local River Road Valero is at the lowest ever - $2.79/gal.  This means
the Rockville Gulf is probably at $2.50

US, East Coast ULSD stocks set record highs: EIA data

Houston (Platts)--29Jul2015/403 pm EDT/2003 GMT

US ULSD stocks rose to a record high for the fourth straight week, as East
Coast stocks also hit a record for the fifth straight week, according to
Energy Information Administration data released Wednesday.

Total US stocks of ULSD rose about 2 million barrels in the week that ended
Friday to 123.91 million barrels, the highest level since EIA began
collecting the data in 2004.

US stocks have risen to a record each of the last four weeks, with most of
the stock builds concentrated in the East Coast.

East Coast stocks of ULSD rose 2.32 million barrels to 41.02 million
barrels, the highest ever. Stock builds in the East Coast also have set
records in each of the last five weeks.

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