This indicates two things.

1. The European economy is slowing down. We export millions of gallons of diesel to Europe,

2. The US economy is slowing down. Less demand for product = Less OTR trucks = less diesel consumption,

Enjoy the low prices, the economy is getting ready to collapse.
Probably after the Fed raises rates in Sept. or Oct.

You heard it here first.

But, but, but, our dear leader sez the economy is growing and life is so wonderful he could easily be re-elected! His fawning ministers of propaganda also say so. Surely he will dismiss congress and issue an executive order to re-elect himself so the good times will continue!

gotta find that bummer-phone so i can call in for unemployment, then gotta buy some pop with the EBT card to sell on the corner fer cansh fer hash, then da ol lady gotta open the AFDC check an cash it so we can pay rent on the section 8 house. ...


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