Spray your yard with insecticide. d D T IF you can find it... mehiho... otherwise Diazanon is what the extension folks recommend. Keep Diazanon OFF pets/animals. The prior suggestion can be sprayed on animals, but the latter will kill animals that lick like dogs/cats. Diazanon is the weapon of choice at the goof courses.

No bugs, no 'dillo

I'd look at the 'dillo as doing you a favor. You don't have to aerate your lawn.

And I have an armadillo that is creating literally hundreds of divots in my back yard digging for bugs, I presume.

No armadillo traps or poison. He leaves before I get up in the morning, so plugging him with the pellet pistol isn't an option.

I'm thinking about a little chicken wire or hardware cloth fence to keep him out.



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