Trump will have one in each pocket when he debates Hillary... no worries.
[If she doesn't drop out, and if she get nominated to run, and if she isn't
under indictment.]

Worried yet Andrew? Looks like Obama will try to run for a third term,
despite law against it.. Imagine that.. A "Constitutional Scholar " it
seems would know that.

Butcha gotta know the terminology. The "deviant" is silent. As in a "[Deviant] constitutional scholar" meaning one who studies the Constitution with intent to undermine and nullify it.

Deviant was one of the first cykobabble terms i learned, and the only thing I remember from the cykology class; other than that those who study cykology do so because they are truly crazy (or cyko).

Btw, I predicted in 2008 that the annointed one will continue to follow corp. Schieklgruber's methodology and continue to be "re-elected" for life, after burning and disbanding the reichstag. After that, he will become more like "pasha" in the RR special train in Dr. Zhivago. par ici di i all who dare to oppose. (lat tino)

The speech the other night was the first public insight (that I am aware of) into the twisted mind that reveals the intent.


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