Interesting that you mention that, he got those to correct a vision problem he has had since a child when he got hit in the head with a ball or rock or something, and I think some surgery to correct it in the last coupla years and hence the spectacles to assist with the problem. The Democrats/Progressives have had a lot of fun with it, and I guess now the Trumpster. Fools all.

So you like making fun of people's disabilities, and love those who do? How does that go over in the workplace? Hey, Four-eyes, how ya doin? hahahaha Hey, Gimp, drag yourself over here! That is so funny!!!

--R (whose interest in the general Republocrat clown show is totally minimal at this point)

The liberal/progressive/social (ist)/democratic/communist/marxist people care so much about protecting the protected classes! They are the only ones (in their eyes) who stand up for the (fill in the blank) people...

you can;t tell it like it is, because you miiight offffffend thumbody!

But their rules don't apply to them.

We used to have a word for that!


The word and the definition still stand, however I'd add another definition: the actions of democrats and the establishment republican party members.


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