Have you ever taken a valve apart?  I'm wondering if that would be a good next 
step?  I don't want to destroy it, if I can't find an obvious problem, I'd like 
to put the valve back in service.
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD
'95 E300

On July 31, 2015 6:17:50 PM EDT, Peter Frederick via Mercedes 
<> wrote:
>Re-heat won't make the side vents warmer as ALL the air goes through  
>both evaporator and heater core.  Side vents will be warmer when the  
>car is hot because there is some heat exchange from the ductwork until 
>the under-dash cools off.
>If the center vent air is warm when full cooling is called for, or the 
>car is warmer than the setting on heat, the valve is not closing.  If  
>you get no heat at idle and plenty when you accelerate from a stop,  
>the valve is sticking closed when it should be open.
>All of my broken ones have either stuck shut intermittantly or failed  
>to turn off when I wanted no heat.
>Not much to contribute -- I don't have working AC in either W124 at  
>the moment!
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