Probably a good idea.  Also check for leaks.  Trouble spots are:

High pressure line from condenser to receiver/dryer -- this is the first hose to go bad

O-rings between compressor and mainfold on top of it, high pressure side erodes

O-rings between hose manifold and compressor manifold, ditto

Expansion valve o-rings.

Occasionally you will find other o-rings in the system leaking, most are fairly easy to replace.

Obviously a bad evaporator will not only fail to cool but will let air in -- I have one in the garage I will install in the diesel when I get some time off and feel like it.

And I have had a hole appear in a condenser, too, on the wagon. Might have been road damage, but it took a couple years to find it. Now that I have it fixed the compressor won't cycle, so I need to dig around and find out why. Too stinking hot to drive a W124 right now without AC.



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