A few weeks ago I mentioned I broke down on the way to my shorehouse. Since 
 I  replaced the power booster on my 78 240D before I went ahead &  ordered 
A PB from Rockauto.con,got it in a day & a half .I contortingly  installed 
it [ Dan- easy for me being 5'-6]  Then I realized the check  valve on the 
vacuum pump was kaput.  Couldn't remove it due to the galling  between the 
steel valve & the aluminum body. So I put in a new one. I even  had to remove 
a broken bolt from the previous owner. Bled the brakes with my  homemade 
pressure bleeder [Boy that's fun !!]
                 Then when I would drive it a few miles,after a few lights  
my front right  caliper would lock up & I had to abandon the car Half an 
hour later I come  back I would drive back to my house before it would get 
tight again. I  installed both front NEW calipers[Bendix] just 2 years ago. I 
replaced all four  brake hoses about 4 years ago.
      My question  is does this sound like  brake hoses collapsing on the 
inside ?? I don't remember my source for these  hoses [Chinese?] My car 
brakes would be fine after it "cools"  down  after a half hour or more. I bled 
the brakes again still same thing.
         I did notice that my rear  brake hoses did have some black specs 
when I bled them so I'm wondering about  the hoses.
       HELP ! I'm now 92 miles away from my  car since I had to come home 
due to renters.  I'm 4 weeks away from My week  at the house when I could 
work on it again in my driveway. Any suggestions ?? If  I need hoses I'll order 
from MB. Caliper from Rockauto. THanx guys. 
1983 240D
PS runs like a new car except for the eventual lockup

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