Sounds like hoses, especially if after sitting 1/2 hour the brakes are free again. I put new hoses on one 240D, and after a year, the LF was swollen shut. ATE hoses... I have not attacked the problem yet. Am just letting the car sit for now.

As Mr DIllon said, open the bleeder and push back the brake pads from the rotor. If it binds up and is relieved by opening the bleeder, you have bad hoses.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I broke down on the way to my shorehouse. Since
 I  replaced the power booster on my 78 240D before I went ahead &  ordered
A PB from Rockauto.con,got it in a day & a half .I contortingly  installed
it [ Dan- easy for me being 5'-6]  Then I realized the check  valve on the
vacuum pump was kaput.  Couldn't remove it due to the galling  between the
steel valve & the aluminum body. So I put in a new one. I even  had to remove
a broken bolt from the previous owner. Bled the brakes with my  homemade
pressure bleeder [Boy that's fun !!]
Then when I would drive it a few miles,after a few lights my front right caliper would lock up & I had to abandon the car Half an
hour later I come  back I would drive back to my house before it would get
tight again. I  installed both front NEW calipers[Bendix] just 2 years ago. I
replaced all four  brake hoses about 4 years ago.
      My question  is does this sound like  brake hoses collapsing on the
inside ?? I don't remember my source for these  hoses [Chinese?] My car
brakes would be fine after it "cools"  down  after a half hour or more. I bled
the brakes again still same thing.
         I did notice that my rear  brake hoses did have some black specs
when I bled them so I'm wondering about  the hoses.
       HELP ! I'm now 92 miles away from my  car since I had to come home
due to renters.  I'm 4 weeks away from My week  at the house when I could
work on it again in my driveway. Any suggestions ?? If I need hoses I'll order
from MB. Caliper from Rockauto. THanx guys.

1983 240D

PS runs like a new car except for the eventual lockup


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