RR door pod is only $16 from CC.  I'd guess the RF is the same.

On Tue, 4 Aug 2015 07:42:41 -0500 Curly McLain via Mercedes
<mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:

 My 240D sounds wonderful as I drive it.  the slushbox is still weak,
 as it has been for years, but it keeps going.   We just let up on the
 "gas" when it needs to shift until it actually shifts.

Our '82 240D/3.0 has been running fine lately. I have racked up a lot of
miles on it with driving down to Albuquerque for class. Added another 125
miles yesterday. It needs to have the headlight switch fixed and just
recently developed a problem with the front passenger-side door not
locking when I lock the driver's door with the key -- a vacuum leak for
sure, and probably the vacuum actuating element, but right now I don't
have time to deal with it. The frustrating part is that I do have a
spare, fully repaired element, but with being in the midst of moving, I
don't know where it is, beside somewhere in the depths of a furniture van.



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