USS Yorktown reminds me: Maybe 30 years ago SWMBO and I were visiting Chuckietown for a weekend. Went out to tour the Yorktown. Walked ups steps, ramp, etc. Stepped off ramp onto deck. SWMBO immediately said, "Oh, I feel sink." Now, don't forget, the ship is sitting there mired for years in the mud, but suddenly she didn't have her "sea" legs. 'Back to car and drove home. I vowed to return and do the tour by myself, but have never returned.

BTW, I've never felt a desire to "visit" Paris Island, though I betcha they do have a fabulous museum. ;<)
They have a fantastic history; it should be told in every way possible.

Semper FI


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Charleston is great, wide variety of things, all budget levels. You could easily spend a week doing something different every day, but weather timing is everything. Last few winters have been pretty chilly, December January February can all have freezing temperatures at night, December is the least likely I think for freezing weather.

Beach rentals and hotels get relatively cheap then, low season, if you can avoid the holidays.

USS Yorktown, Schooner Pride evening harbor sail (best in summer, not sure they run in the winter), Drayton Hall, historic downtown self-guided walk. Those are among my favorites. Boating, beaches, civil war history. I'll bet there's some tour of The Citadel that would be cool.

Plus there's both Rich and me!

Beaufort SC is very close, and USMC Recruit Depot Paris Island has a fantastic museum, if you can get on base (military ID). Beaufort is like a mini Charleston but with more water.
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