On 04/08/2015 11:42 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
Oh yeah, I meant to reply to this yesterday...
The floor had a significant dip in the center, of 1/8" or more. In the basement the central 
6x6 that runs down the spine of the house was "supported" by a 3" or so cedar post 
that had split at the top and had lost some of its height. Off to one side where the dip was worst 
was a 2x3 spruce post with a significant bow in it.
My father in-law had bought a steel post years ago but had never installed it. I brought my 12 
ton bottle jack and a 4x4, centered the jack under the 6x6 near the cedar post and lifted 
about 1/2". I took out the cedar post and replaced with the steel post ending up about 
1/4" taller than the cedar post had been. Then I moved to the other side of the basement 
on that same 6x6, lifted 1/4" and put in another steel post. Finally I repositioned near 
the 2x3, lifted to get that out and put in another steel post.
The floor now bows about 1/32". I might put some leveler on it before we lay 
the tile but I doubt it, the dip is gentle enough I don't think it will hurt vinyl 

I would have thought that this was something that you should have cranked up slowly.



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